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Walk 2 (updated Oct 09)
The Martley Loop from Rodge Hill to Kingswood Lane
Distance--loop,~3.3 miles. Circular walk including Worcestershire Way, approx. 6 miles (see Walk 3). Car parking available at St. Peter's Church (23) subject to services.

START: RODGE HILL. Having attained the summit of Rodge Hill, do not turn right to walk along the ridge, but go down the farm track to Rodge Hill Farm and continue down to the road. (1) Turn right and in about 60 yards a signpost on the left (2) points the route alongside a copse which is a mass of bluebells in Spring. At the end of the field turn right (3) along a farm track to the orchard. Here in Summer skylarks resound in the blue infinity, their song filling the air, though they are invisible above. Along the brook, primroses and violets decorate the banks in Spring. Through the orchard gate (4), the path leads diagonally left between the trees and continues to a waymarking post (5). These orchards belong to Bulmers of Hereford and produce only cider apples. At the post, turn half right along the low fence, with barns on your left and at the farm gate (6), turn right down the farm track. At the end, turn left and leave the orchard via the metal gate (7). Cross the field to the wooden causeway built over boggy ground (8). Go straight ahead through the next gate and continue in the same direction to a signpost in the middle of the field (9). Here the path turns back upon itself as indicated by the waymarking arrow, and heads towards a gateway in the hedge (10).
Through the gate, head right across the field to a gate and plank crossing (11) over a little stream, and in the next field keep along the hedge on your left to another gate and bridge crossing (12). Go ahead to a further gate and signpost leading on to the lane (13). Continue straight ahead, away from Martley towards beautiful Brook Court. Take the first pedestrian gate (14) to the right (East) and cross the field to a stile (15); follow the field edge to the corner then cross the field to a gate (16) onto Alden's Farm drive. Turn left up the track past Alden's Farm and between pastures to the junction with Barber's Lane (17) opposite a large farmhouse, Lingen Farm. Turn right down the lane to a road junction with a tiny grass triangle in the middle. Take the left hand lane and just after the bungalow, use the gate on the right (18) and cross this field by the route usually indicated by stakes and lines, to a gate & ditch crossing (19). This crossing leads onto the playing field of the Chantry High School. Turn right up the side of the school buildings, and walk towards a gap in the hedge. Follow the field edge to the left, to a gap that leads into an avenue of damson trees, particularly attractive at blossom time. At the end, the path veers left then right onto a track leading down to the main Worcester road (22). Cross the road carefully and go down through the churchyard by the right hand path to the car park. Follow the waymarking sign back up the lane, to a signpost and gate on the left (24). Turn right and follow the fence line to the waymarking arrow by the barn conversions.Turn left and walk across the field, through a field gate to gates leading on to the main road (25). Martley has the 'Crown' public house opposite, and the village shop and Post Office adjacent. If not requiring these amenities, turn left and walk past the houses and the Memorial Hall (26) to the junction with Kingswood Lane (27). Crossing carefully, walk up Kingswood Lane to rejoin the Worcestershire Way at the fingerpost (28).

These pamphlets and maps were the work of Keith and Audrey Trumper during the 1980's and 90's. We are most grateful to them.